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Yoga Therapy is a holistic approach to healing. My work with you creates a foundation from which you can live your best life possible. Programs are individualized based on your needs and goals and we take in to account your whole being - body, mind and spirit. At it’s simplest, we explore how your body is moving - is what we want moving, moving? If not, how can we refine your movement so that there is ease, connection, coordination and strength?


As we delve in to these questions, you’ll begin to experience a reduction and elimination of pain, less flare ups from chronic illnesses, reduced stress and tension, increased strength, and an overall improvement in your well-being. 

Simply put, when we move better we feel better.

And I help you learn how to move better.


Individual Sessions

The introductory session includes a discussion of your history and goals, postural assessment, movement evaluation and exploration, co-creation of a home program, and documentation of the session.


The following sessions include movement, restorative poses, meditation and breath work as appropriate, check-in on our co-created home program to progress or modify as needed, documentation of sessions, and access to me for questions that come up between sessions.


In this introductory package, you will quickly increase your awareness and insight of how your body is moving. We will work together to address your specific goals and needs. Maybe you want a stronger core? We will address this goal by facilitating new movement patterns that create increased connection and stability in your body. Maybe you want to get out of pain? We will address this goal by noticing how forces travel through your body, then utilizing specific movement strategies, we'll lay the foundation for new movement patterns that create more physical ease. Or maybe you're looking for tools to help decrease high levels of stress? We can spend our time together working on meditation, relaxation and breath work, as well as exploring movements and restorative postures that settle out your nervous system.



Introduction to Yoga Therapy

This package includes: 


5 sessions

- Individual 75 min. session

- Individual sessions 2-5 of 60 min. 

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Yoga Therapy Progression Program

This package includes: 


3 month program

- Baseline assessment if needed

- Up to 10 sessions of 60 min.

This package includes a new baseline assessment if needed. Your history and goals will be updated and we’ll explore movement and breath work as appropriate. These sessions also include progression of our co-created program and exercises, a co-created home program, documentation of sessions, and access to me for questions that come up between sessions.


This option builds on the 5 session introduction to yoga therapy package. Over the course of 3 months, we’ll meet for up to 10 1:1 sessions. This is where the real fun begins! As we explore your movement patterns more deeply, we get to begin playing with load and movement complexity where appropriate. You’ll see strength arise as you develop more functional movement patterns. Your experience of pain will decrease, and you may notice less flare ups from chronic issues and illnesses. If you’re looking to improve your quality of life, this option may be for you. 

Small Groups

Private Group Sessions

This package includes: 

Customizable duration

- 60 min. sessions

- 2-5 participants

In this highly customizable group experience, you pick your group and I'll create your program. This is a fairly open ended option where the sky is the limit!


For example:

Maybe you and your partner would like your own private sessions.

Maybe you’re loving connections with out-of-state family and friends via zoom, and now you think it’d be fun to throw some yoga in the mix.

Maybe you have a local friend group that would love their own personalized yoga sessions.

Or maybe you’re looking to create a unique girls’ night with a super chill yoga practice, lots of laughter, and maybe even a little wine!

This option is where it’s at. You bring the people and the goal for the group, and I’ll create a program just for y’all! Flexible. Fluid. Unique to each groups’ needs. Message me to get started!

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