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Yoga Therapy is a holistic approach to healing. Utilizing the strategies and techniques of yoga, my work with you creates a foundation from which you can live your best life possible. Programs are individualized based on your needs and goals and we take in to account your whole being - body, mind, and spirit. At its simplest, we explore how your body is moving - is what we want moving, moving? If not, how can we refine your movement so that there is ease, connection, coordination and strength?

As we delve in to these questions, you’ll begin to experience a reduction and elimination of pain, less flare ups from chronic illnesses, reduced stress and tension, increased strength, and an overall improvement in your well-being. 

Simply put, when we move better we feel better.

And I help you learn how to move better.


Individual Sessions

Individual Yoga Therapy


Individual session package
-includes 5 1:1 sessions of 60 minutes each

*expires 60 days from purchase*


I LOVE these sessions! When we work 1:1, I have the opportunity to get to know you as more than just a name and a face. And getting to know my clients on a deeper level is what makes me so good at what I do. Because you are more than your individual parts, more than your aches and pains, your heartaches and sorrows. Knowing what lights you up lights me up, and it's a guidepost, a road map if you will, for how we can work together to meet your needs. 


To put it in more "formal" terms, the first session is an hour long assessment session where we will discuss your history, your specific goals and needs, and, if appropriate, get a baseline on some of your movement patterns. Sessions 2-4 are also an hour each and include individualized program development and check in from the previous session. Email summaries following each session are available if desired, as are check in's between sessions for any questions that arise.    


Some tip-of-the-iceberg explorations we may have during our time together are how we can improve balance, decrease pain, build core strength, and reduce stress. From these individual sessions, your awareness and insight into what is contributing to dis-ease in your system will quickly improve. In fact, these 1:1 sessions are so impactful they are a pre-cursor to joining my group classes.

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Custom Designed Group Classes


Monthly Subscription

-renews monthly

Monthly Flex

-most flexible
-pick and choose the months you attend
-good for 30 days from date of purchase

*Either option - attend up to 4 classes/month*

No cookie cutter classes here! 


One of my favorite things about this work is how well I get to know my clients, and this affords me the opportunity to tailor each class to the needs of the group the day it is taught.


The group classes are designed to be a progression from the 1:1 sessions. Clients appropriate for the group class are those who can get up and down from the floor with relative ease, have honed a level of awareness allowing them to discern which tools (movement, breath, stillness) support them and which need to be modified, and who make regular practice a priority in order to reap the healing benefits of the work. For these reasons, a minimum initial package of 5 1:1 sessions is required prior to attending the group class sessions, as the individual sessions set the foundation for more successful results in a group setting.

*To ensure that clients get the best results, a 1:1 check in session is required prior to returning to class if it's been 6 months or more since attending a group class.


Individual + Group Session Package


Monthly subscription + 1:1 option


Monthly flex + 1:1 option



*a savings of $40 on 1:1 sessions*

Talk about being well rounded. For those who have completed an initial package of 5 individual sessions, this option presents the best of both worlds - and with a mega discount to boot!

The truth is, there are always new layers to explore. New patterns to uncover. New emotions, feelings, and experiences that come to live in your physical body. Approaching healing and understanding of self through movement is a powerful way to explore what is and is no longer working for your life.

And so this offering is born. Seeing as there is always new information to uncover, we need an option that allows for the occasional check in and deep dive in to your needs. An option that offers a greater level of support (because in life we need support!) beyond what solely attending group classes can provide. And an option that's not as big of a commitment as doing 1:1 sessions until the end of days. The cherry on top? Individual sessions are only $50!

I hope you'll consider joining me. It would be a privilege to be a part of your journey.

Small Groups
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